About CEO - Edmund N. Delle

Dellino Exclusive - Edmund Delle

Edmund N. Delle is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the Chairman and CEO of Dellino Holdings, which comprises Dellino LLC, based in the United States of America, Dellino Investments, Dellino Financial Services, and Dellino Real Estates, all based in Ghana.

Edmund was a director and a substantial shareholder at Golden Palm Investments Corporation (GPIC), an investment holding company focused on high-growth technology opportunities across entire industries in Africa. He was in charge of real estate investments and financials for 9 yrs (GPIC is one of the leading venture capital firms in Africa with ~$100m AUM).

Edmund oversaw the real estate and finance department, a position that while it under his management, significantly expanded GPIC’s financial services and real estate assets and capabilities. Edmund is an inspiring thought leader with over 17years of experience in leadership, business strategy, and building strategic partnerships across different sectors, balanced between global and local stints.

In 2020 he formed Dellino Exclusive, a multi-brand showroom that provides luxury and essential interior solutions across Africa and the United States in the Real estate and construction industry. Dellino Exclusive is the sole distributor for 15+ multi-million dollar European Brands.

Over the years, Edmund has developed a reputation for exceptional leadership and his ability to transform and turn around businesses. His rich experience working with different cultures across Africa, the USA, and Europe has shaped his unique business leadership style and consistency in bringing about change.