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In today's highly competitive interiors industry, wholesalers must react effectively to rapid market changes to maintain their healthy position in the market. The cost of raw materials increases, demand fluctuates, new trends appear, and new technologies are developed constantly – you must adapt to various situations which demand new business models.

At Dellino Exclusive Showroom, we combine products by leading manufacturers and with the strategic business acumen for wholesalers to offer our unique interior solutions. Our model allows wholesalers to keep their identity and benefit from working with us.

At Dellino Exclusive Showroom, we help transform the mindset of our members and suppliers through our global approach, making them think globally and act locally. We also re-enforce international negotiation standards on a global, regional and local level.

Dellino Exclusive Showroom represents leading European manufacturing groups across the African continent. Our strength lies in preserving this powerful alliance for local, national, and international partners across Africa. As a wholesale, franchise, distributor, or retail partner, Dellino Exclusive Showroom represents your interests at the international level and, in this way, directly supports your local business.

Through Dellino Exclusive Showroom, your company is associated with the strength of an international group of leading European manufacturers. Dellino Exclusive Showroom ensures that your business interest is represented despite all geographical or linguistic barriers to connect to a global distribution network.

A partnership with us gives you the necessary winning advantage to keep pace with ongoing market developments, while supporting your independence. You have the opportunity to join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs sharing common ambitions and business goals.

Through Dellino Exclusive Showroom, our manufacturers, wholesalers, professionals and all our partners rise together.

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