Bookshelves in walnut veneered wood - Angel Cerdá S.L


Walnut color wooden shelf with 40mm shelves and tempered glass sides

Product description

Reference: 3091 CP1110-F-NOGAL

Catalog: Shelves

Measures: 122 x 38 x 183

Packaging measures: 126 x 42 x 35 / 126 x 42 x 25 / 197 x 42 x 7

Volume: 0,61 m3

Weight: 20 Kg / 22 Kg / 35 Kg

Package: 3 BUNDLES

Walnut and glass shelf model 3091 Angel Cerd S.L.Modern design bookcase with 40mm shelves in natural walnut veneer 0.5mm thick, and original 10mm tempered glass sides and polished edges. A perfect modular design to increase the feeling of spaciousness in your room, as well as to provide warmth and modernity, while keeping everything in order. The perfect combination of practicality and design. STYLE: This original walnut shelf with a modern design will bring warmth and spaciousness to every room in your home, faithful to the latest trends in decoration. MULTIESTANCE: Its versatile and functional character allows it to fit into any type of living room, dining room, reading area or office. QUALITY: All our shelves are made with the highest quality materials, guaranteeing durable and functional furniture. DECORATION AND COMFORT: Due to its design of straight lines and minimalist style, as well as its tempered glass sides, you will get the elegant and personal touch you are looking for in your home. FUNCTIONALITY: Both for its size, as well as for its large open storage space, this modular shelf is ideal for you to keep everything in order and in its place.