Pietra Gray Mable (60*60*2cm)



The Pietra Grey marble slab is an excellent solution for floors and walls, both in the bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

If you are looking for a versatile construction material with a homogeneous appearance, you have found it.


Pietra Grey marble slab available in various sizes and finishes, suitable for the construction and renovation of your home.

We are manufacturers of marble and natural stone, not intermediaries, therefore, here you will find the best price for 60x30x2, 60x40x2 and 60x60x2 slabs in polished, honed and leather finishes.





Applications: Flooring and cladding

Uses : Outdoor and indoor

Typology : Marble, natural stone

Thickness: 2 centimeter slab

NB: Price is on a per-square metre basis