Puff upholstered in gray fabric - Angel Cerdá


Pouffe upholstered in gray fabric with articulated oak plywood handle.

Product description

Reference: 5074 DC1293

Catalog: Auxiliary furniture

Measures: 50 x 46

Packaging measures: 47 x 47 x 50

Volume: 0,13 m3

Weight: 10 Kg

Package: 1 BUNDLE

Pouf upholstered in gray fabric model 5074 Angel Cerda SL

Puff with a modern design upholstered in gray fabric similar to CLUB54. An avant-garde and contemporary style footrest or stool, with an original articulated handle in oak colored plywood and stainless steel anchors 22 micron chrome plated, which gives it that touch of sophistication and elegance that you are looking for for your rest or reading area. Its padded structure gives it that extra comfort you need to relax.

  • STYLE: This upholstered gray modern design pouf In fabric, it will provide the different and elegant touch you are looking for for your home, faithful to the latest trends in decoration.
  • MULTIESTANCE: Both for its design and its current style, it is a totally versatile and functional piece for your rest or reading stays.
  • QUALITY: All our armchairs and puffs are made with the highest quality materials, being a guarantee of durable and functional furniture.
  • DECORATION: Due to its gray color and original design of the Oak wood handle and chrome-plated steel anchors, you will get the different and distinctive touch you are looking for in your living room, providing that extra comfort.
  • COMFORT: Both because of its round shape, as well as its comfortable upper base, they will allow you to have maximum comfort to rest your legs after a hard day at work, without neglecting the highest trend and versatility.