Rectangular walnut and steel office desk - Angel Cerda S.L


Office desk in walnut veneer and black steel with two side drawers.

Product description

Reference: 3216 MQ1903

Catalog: Office

Measures: 176 x 76 x 105

Packaging measures: 176 x 129 x 24 / 170 x 88 x 12

Volume: 0,67 m

Weight: 38 Kg / 32 Kg

Package: 2 BUNDLES

Office desk in walnut wood and black steel model 3216 Angel Cerda S.L.

Modern design office desk with structure in natural walnut veneered wood of 0,5mm thickness and black epoxy steel. Thanks to its lateral drawers with a telescopic guide, this desk is ideal to keep everything in its place and in order as well as to guarantee a wide space in your working area.

  • STYLE: This office desk will bring the modern touch you are looking for to your office. The combination of walnut and black epoxy steel is perfect for creating a stylish and spacious work environment.
  • MULTI-STANCE: Versatile and functional, its design allows it to fit in any office.
  • QUALITY: All our desks are made with the highest quality materials, guaranteeing durable and functional furniture.
  • DECORATION AND COMFORT: This original walnut desk is the perfect choice if you are looking for elegance and simplicity, as well as practicality for your office.
  • FUNCTIONALITY: The minimalist and simple style of this desk brings spaciousness and a sense of lightness to the space.