Walnut-veneered wooden bed - Angel Cerdá S.L


Walnut veneered wood bed. Pine wood multi-slat bed base included.

Product description

Reference: 7015 CP1506-B

Catalog: Bedrooms

Measures: 171 x 210 x 84 (Mattress: 150x200)

Packaging measures: 177 x 66 x 7 / 208 x 18 x 14 / 205 x 154 x 9

Volume: 0,43 m3

Weight: 16 Kg / 13 Kg / 19 Kg

Package: 3 BUNDLES

Walnut wood bed model 7015 Angel Cerd S.L.Modern design double bed with an original headboard and structure made of 0.5mm thick natural walnut veneered wood with which you will be able to create a warm and personal space, without neglecting the greatest comfort. Includes a comfortable multi-slat bed base made of pine wood. Perfect for your rest! STYLE: This elegant walnut-veneered wooden double bed will be the star of your bedroom, providing warmth and sophistication. MULTIESTANCE: Due to the modern design and elegant style of its walnut wood structure, it will be a perfect piece of furniture for any type of bedroom, creating a perfect environment for relaxation. QUALITY: All our beds are made with materials of the highest quality, being a guarantee of durable and functional furniture. DECORATION AND COMFORT: Its simple and elegant walnut wood design offers the highest quality of the brand, as well as the greatest comfort for your rest. MATERIAL and DIMENSIONS: Its multi-slat mattress included in pine wood, is compatible with the 150x200cm mattress.